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Vinayagar 10-03-2018 SUN TV

Vinayagar 10-03-2018: Vinayagar is a religious television serial aired on SUN TV at 7:00 PM IST, Vinayagar is the story of Ganesha, broadcast in Tamil language, produced by Abhimanyu Singh.

Broadcast Time: 21 minutes

TV Channel: SUN TV

Time: 7:00 PM Indian Standard Time

Production Campany: Candlo Entertainment


  • Uzair Basar – Vinayagar
  • Akanksha Puri – Parvathi
  • Malkan Singh – Shiva
  • Rahul Sharma – Vishnu
  • Preetika Chouhan – Saraswathi
  • Mir Ali – Indran
  • Anand Koradia – Narada
  • Basant Bud-Karthikeyan

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